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Meet our translation team! 

In our bulletin, it is important to make sure science communication is done in multiple languages! We write in English and we have a strong team helping us with translation and editing to Chinese and Spanish.

Sibbie LI 李曉詩


Sibbie is currently a final year student majoring in Translation and minoring in Chinese Writing at Lingnan University. She wants to go travel all the time because she likes meeting people and seeing new places. In her leisure time, she loves watching Netflix, cooking, dancing, spending her time in cafes and doing sports. Among all sports, hiking is her favourite as she enjoys fresh air in the nature.



Mei Chan 陳美恩


Mei did her undergraduate degree in translation at Lingnan University. She started working in the Science Unit in Summer 2017. In her free time, she loves making handwork, watching dramas, listening to music and dancing. She also enjoys acting a lot and used to be a stage performer. She is probably an administrator who could have made great actress! 





Teresa majored in communication sciences at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the National Autonomous University of México. Teresa has a background that goes beyond journalism. Thus, she is especially interested in social issues and politics. Topics related to the internet, technology and sciences are also some of her interests. In her free time she enjoys playing videogames, skating, watch anime and/or watch videos about new technological devices. 



Teresa esegresada de la carrera en ciencias de la comunicación por la Facultad de ciencias políticas y sociales de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Teresa tiene una  formación que involucra temas  más alla del periodismo. Por lo tanto, ella está especialmente interesada por temas sociales y de política. Los asuntos relacionados con internet, tecnología y ciencia también forman parte de sus intereses.

En su tiempo libre le gusta jugar videojuegos, patinar, ver anime y/o videos acerca de nuevos dispositivos tecnológicos.

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