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The collection started in 2019 to contribute to the goals of Hong Kong's Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) and it is funded by The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) from the Hong Kong Government (ECF 86/2081). Our first goal is to document the herpetological diversity across Hong Kong, and to become an important resource for research, conservation, and education.
The collection includes: 1) specimens preserved in ethanol, 2) images of live and preserved specimens, and 3) tissue samples preserved in ethanol and RNA later. 

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February (Issue 2) 

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Sailing through science

Prof. Mark McGinley

The FIRST ever field guide poster of Hong Kong amphibians!

Presented to you by Wildlife Avengers. They spent more than half a year in preparation, shooting and post-production of this poster. "We hope that this poster will raise public awareness of amphibians and environmental protection, and promote the biodiversity of Hong Kong. "


Order details: https://bit.ly/33kBMc1

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