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Welcome to the Collection's bulletin

Here we share stories about the collection, the research projects, our team and conservation efforts around Hong Kong. Don't forget to subscribe if you would like to get a notification when new blog post are up. We publish twice a month in English and we  Chinese and Spanish and on their way! 


歡迎瀏覽自然藏品庫的簡報。我們會在這裡分享關於藏品庫、研究計劃及我們團隊的故事, 香港各地的保護工作。如果想緊貼我們的最新消息,就記得訂閱日誌啦!

Boletín de la colección

Bienvenidos al boletín de la colección. Aquí compartimos historias sobre la colección, los proyectos de investigación, nuestro equipo de trabajo y los esfuerzos de conservación que se llevan acabo en Hong Kong. Recuerda suscribirte si quieres recibir una notificación cuando se publique una nueva entrada.

中環蛺蝶 Neptis hylas hylas
中環蛺蝶 Neptis hylas hylas

Yellow-breasted Bunting
Yellow-breasted Bunting

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We publish twice a month! Check out or new and old post
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Researchers, artist, NGO's
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March (Issue 1) 

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Advocating for nature through art


The FIRST ever field guide poster of Hong Kong amphibians!


Presented to you by Wildlife Avengers. They spent more than half a year in preparation, shooting and post-production of this poster. "We hope that this poster will raise public awareness of amphibians and environmental protection, and promote the biodiversity of Hong Kong. "


Order details:

Poster by Wildlife Avengers
Poster by Wildlife Avengers

Who we are?
Who we are?

Wild life Avengers Team
Wild life Avengers Team

Poster by Wildlife Avengers
Poster by Wildlife Avengers


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